About Us

Namaste, Hello, Halo, Hola, Ola, Bonjour, Shalom, Ni hao, Xin Chao, Salve, Kon-nichiwa, Hej, Selam, Jambo travelers. Welcome to Royale Rainbow Resort – The Cozy & Comfy Jungle Camp.

Royale Rainbow Resort, A perfect place to re-bond with your family and friends, offers you the privilege to enjoy nature in the arms of the divine river Ganges and the lush green Himalayas. We offer accommodation in huge and comfortable Swiss Camps & Deluxe Cottages with attached washrooms, suited with all the necessary facilities for a fun filled holiday at Rishikesh along with the option to participate in various adventurous sports. Off the tourist traps, at our resort, you can connect with nature and parts of yourself that you had forgotten.

The thrilling experience of camping in a jungle can be well realized at Royale Rainbow Resort – The Cozy & Comfy Jungle Camp. The adventure of jungle camping is rejuvenating, enriching and is in high popularity among the younger generation. In the busy schedule of everyday life we have lost the feelings of adventure and enjoyment in our life. The jungle camps are located on the periphery of Rajaji National Park amidst lush greenery of the surrounding forests of the hills

All it will take is a mix of your desire and a little time, to travel 257 kms off Delhi. The location of the jungle camp resort makes it more demanding among the guests. Located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level the jungle camp resort is nestled in a peaceful valley surrounded by peaks of moderate height from all the sides. The perennial river Heval flows at 50 steps from the jungle camp resort. The scenic beauty of the jungles of rishikesh offers a sense of freshness making life more energetic and lively. The blessings of river Ganga is an added incentive to life at rishikesh.

The moments you spent at Royal Rainbow Resort Rishikesh, becomes a memorable experience in your life with the excellent world class arrangements of Camps and Cottages made by our Team, which you will love to cherish and remember again and again all through your life.

We the team at Royale Rainbow resort works for a single motto of offering excellent service to our clients. Your satisfaction is our achievement. We are a bunch of young travel enthusiasts who understand the 'busy-ness' of traveling. This comes from our passion and, of course, our travels. We subscribe to the school of thought who says that "I cannot rest from travel: I will drink life to the lees…" (Ulysess, A. L. Tennyson).